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    Student Expectations: The student exhibits attitudes and behaviors that are conducive to a successful teacher/mentor experience. These attitudes include: integrity, optimism, flexibility in creative ideas, and punctuality in class. Also expected are: dependability/responsibility in task completion and time management, honesty, open to ideas, suggestions, and opportunities, and frequent with AVID teacher.

    GRADES: 50% Daily (20% class participation*, 30% daily work)

    30% Major Grades (Binder checks)

    20% Nine Weeks Test.

    MATERIALS: 2” Binder, pens, pencils, highlighters, pencil pouch

    What are tutorials?

    One of the pillars of the AVID program is the tutorial groups where students are supported in their Pre-AP classes through the help of college tutors. It is not a place where students do homework or have others review class content if they were absent or not paying attention. Students should be prepared with their notes, completed or partially-completed homework, and Tutorial Request Form.

    The goals of a tutorial are:

    1. To teach students the skills needed to work collaboratively to solve problems.
    2. Empowering students to answer their own questions by posing questions helps students to think more deeply about what they are learning.
    3. To guide students in high-level discussions as a means of developing vocabulary, enhancing discussion skills, and fostering thought processes that enable students to succeed in their classes.
    4. To reinforce writing skills through a review of notes, learning logs, essays, etc.

    Students must have their Tutorial Request Form completed before a tutoring session.

    Forms for AVID Students:

    10-12 Grade Binder Check

    9 Grade Binder Check

    Tutorial Request Form

    Collaborative Study Group Form

    Focused Note-taking - Cornell Paper

    Focused Note-taking - 2 Column Notes 

    Focused Note-taking - 3 Column Notes