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  • Comic Projects

    • What is the funniest thing your little brother/sister ever said? Make a cartoon where a kid says it!
    • Picture your friends at a game. Imagine something unusual happens. How do they deal with it? Show it in a cartoon about a game.
    • Look at a news site. Now make a single panel political cartoon that shows how you see the oddity in current events.
    • Imagine a problem that kids face. Make a cartoon that shows how you could deal with that problem. (Sometimes laughter is the best medicine!)

    Comic Maker Websites

    makebeleifscomix.com logo
    Make Beliefs Comix make a short comic strip and print or email it.


    animaker logo

    Animaker the free version can make short animated videos for YouTube. You can login w/Facebook or GooglePlus.


    witty logo

    Witty Comics Create your own political cartoon style comics.

Comic Help Videos

Makebeleifscomix How-To Video

ToonDoo How-to Video

ToonDoo Video (en espanol)

Animaker How-to Video