• *** SISD Student Activities Complex located at 1300 Joe Battle is currently undergoing construction in preparation for SACII.  This facility will not be available for rental/use (special & outside events) until further notice. 

    Thank you for your support. 

    Facilities Rental Information

    Socorro ISD 071909 Community Relations GKD Nonschool Use of School Facilities (Regulation):
    34. Non-school organizations may not have free use of a school facility when individuals are charged a fee to attend or participate in an activity, or for any revenue generation activity.
    35. Non-school organizations may use school facilities for athletic activities at no charge when the proposed activity is for practice and not a formal event with prior approval of the District.

    Facility requests need time to process. As per district policy, the Socorro ISD Board of Trustees will need to approve the request.

    Fees for facility use shall be paid in full 10 days in advance. All fees and charges will be billed, collected, receipted and deposited in the Socorro ISD General Fund for facilities up-keep.

    For date, availability and pricing information on our stadium or Aquatic Center, please contact:


    For pricing information on other SISD facilities (classrooms, campus fields, etc.) please contact:
    SISD Facilities & Planning