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    Student Ambassadors

    Just found out that the family is on orders to PCS to Ft. Bliss, Texas and your son’s or daughter’s new school will be Pebble Hills High School. Are you wondering about Pebble Hills High School? Well, have no fear Pebble Hills High School has a great Student Ambassadors program. So, your next question might be what and who are Students Ambassadors? Read on to find out more about the Student Ambassadors program and what we offer.

    Who are Student Ambassadors?

    Student Ambassadors are student leaders within Pebble Hills High School. These students have demonstrated strong academics and a commitment to community service. As role models to their peers, Ambassadors are responsible for representing the society in their schools and inspiring their peers to get involved in school as well as community activities that interest them the most.

    What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

    The Student Ambassadors at Pebble Hills High School will have the opportunity to develop a variety of highly sought after of skills. These skills include leadership, team building, communication, and management. Skills such as these are in high demand by employers and universities.

    What does a Student Ambassador do?

    1. Provide a welcoming atmosphere for the new student.
    2. Meet and greet new students.
    3. Ambassadors conduct campus tours to new military families and students during visits to campus.
    4. Attend weekly Ambassador meetings and required trainings.

    Student Ambassador Eligibility Criteria:

    1. Students must have and will maintain a 2.0 GPA to participate in the program.
    2. Students must remain in good academic standing, cannot be on academic, progress, or disciplinary probation.
    3. Students must be committed to the overall success of the Ambassador program.
    4. Students will demonstrate the following qualities:
      • Leadership skills
      • Positive personality
      • Ability to lead and follow
      • Communication skills
      • Professionalism
    5. Students must be willing to work as a team of one.

    For more information about the Student Ambassadors program or request a tour of the school for incoming students, please contact the Military Family Liaison Mr. Woods
    Work number: (915)937-9407
    Main office: (915)937-9400
    Fax number: (915)937-9498
    Email: dwoods02@sisd.net