• Purple Heart Attendance

    98.2% is PHE's Daily Attendance Goal

    PHE Attendance Goal

    Purple Heart Elementarys' daily attendance goal is 98.2%. Every day counts. Studies show that attendance matters as early as Pre-K and Kindergarten. Many young children who miss too many days in these grades can struggle academically in later years, and often have trouble mastering reading by the end of third grade. Just two missed days per month adds up to being half a year behind by the time your child reaches fourth grade. Once a child falls behind, it is very difficult to catch up. Please make sure your students attend school every day.

    What is House Bill 5?

    According to the Texas House Bill 5 law, all Texas students must be in attendance for 90% of the school year in order to receive a grade and course credit. Any student with excessive absences, which includes excused and unexcused absences, will be placed on an attendance plan and will be required to make up for absences. Students that do not make up time may not be promoted to the next grade level. 

    Make-up Hours & Allowable Make-Up Hours

    Students who do not meet attendance requirements are required to make up time to prevent loss of credit and to receive additional academic support. Hours may be made up during intersession breaks, summer school, and designated Saturdays. Attendance Camp runs the first week of each intersession from Monday-Thursday 8:00-12:00. Students will be invited to attend camp if a child has 4 or more absences each 9-nine week period.

    Preventative Measures

    At Purple Heart Elementary we will monitor attendance and be proactive to avoid any negative consequences to our students.

    • Step 1: Students with 3 or more unexcused absences within a 4 week period will be notified in writing (warning letter).
    • Step 2: A conference is held, and an attendance contract is signed.
    • Step 3: A meeting is held with a School Counselor.
    • Step 4: Attendance/Truancy prevention sessions will be held with a School Counselor.

    *Severe cases may result in the case being filed in Attendance Court.