• Health Professionals/Counseling-School Visitor

    (This form is for agency professionals that provide services to students as prescribed by a medical professional)

    As a health professional and visitor to our campuses by state law and district policy a criminal history check is required before students can receive services. The application process takes 3 to 5 business working days to complete.

    Below are the DPS CCH Form and the Application Form that must be completed before you begin to volunteer.

    Step 1

    • Fill out the DPS CCH Form: DPS CCH Form.
    • Submit the DPS CCH Form to rtaran03@sisd.net or by fax to 915-851-7508 to the attention of Rachel Tarango.

    Step 2

    The completed application will be received by the Socorro ISD Volunteer Program. You will receive an email from Socorro ISD Volunteer Program confirming your clearance.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rachel Tarango, Coordinator of Parent Volunteer Programs, at 915-937-1618 or by email to rtaran03@sisd.net.