• AYPYN (Army Youth Program in Your Neighborhood)

    About AYPYN

    The Army provides funding for After school programming to eight campuses in the Socorro District. The goal is to raise local and national awareness of the needs of the Army youth and the role afterschool programs/activities can play in helping to enable students to thrive and succeed, even in the face of adversity.

    Goals for AYPYN

    • Provide a safe after school environment where students are encouraged to work together, make friends, as well as improve in any academic areas they may be struggling in
    • Encourage students to build relationships with teachers, coaches and classmates
    • Provide support to multiple after school clubs and activities

    AYPYN Campuses

    High Schools: Pebble Hills High School, El Dorado High School and Americas High School

    Middle Schools: Hernando Middle School, Paso Del Norte School, Puentes Middle School, Slider Middle School and Sun Ridge Middle School


    Contact Information

    For More information regarding AYPYN, you may contact Jeniffer Saldana-Villegas at 915-937-0126. Email: jsalda04@sisd.net.