• What is a Military Family Liaison?

    The DoDEA Military Family Liaison (MFL) is recognized as one of the strongest supports for addressing the social and emotional needs of military parents, families and communities. The MFL's major duties and responsibilities:

    • Oversees all school issues involving military connected students and applies best practices to quickly integrate the military child into the campus.
    • Assists in creating a welcoming attitude on their respective campus.
    • Reports to the principal or his/her designee, on transitional issues for the parent or the child.
    • Interact with military parents.
    • Interact with students on campus.
    • Exercises emotional stability, patience, tact and good judgment in all situations.
    • Serves as a District advocate for the military community.
    • Keeps the military leadership aware of district, family, and school issues.
    • Advocates and provides program information and support to military families.
    • Works with principals to identify campus needs.
    • Communicates with district personnel, principals, teachers, students and parents.
    • Responsible for the integration, coordination, and processing of military connected students.
    • Prepares reports and conducts surveys on matters pertaining to the military connected students/families.
    • Manages the Student Ambassadors program.
    • Supports campus administration to monitor the Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood (AYPYN).
    • Coordinates facilities, bus transportation, snacks and logistics for planned activities/events and AYPYN after school programs.
    • Celebration of the unique contributions of military families--Month of the Military Child, Veterans Day, etc.
    • Assists with the distribution and collection of the annual Federal Impact Aid Survey.
    • Consults with the district leadership to design and implement professional development offerings.
    • Supports the goals and objectives of the school district and follows all district policies.
    • Functions as an advocate for parents/students and school staff, assists students/parents in locating points of contact in the local community and military community and makes referrals as appropriate.
    • Demonstrates the ability to attend work on a regular and routine basis to avoid disruption to the district's operations.
    • Provides optimal customer service to all students, employees, parents, community members and any other stakeholders of the district.

    For more information, please contact our Military Family Liaison, Lennae Marion.

    Work Phone: 915-937-3251

    Contact Mrs. Marion