• Advanced Placement Program

    The Advanced Placement Program in Socorro ISD high schools offers challenging and relevant coursework. The program supports students in their college major and career explorations by providing students with the opportunity to take college-level courses, and earn college credit by earning a 3, 4, or 5 on the College Board exams, while in high school and middle school.  The College Board readiness system enables students to take ownership of their own learning and achievement. The AP courses deliver skills and knowledge essential to transition and navigate successfully in college. In order to continue delivering the best instruction to the students, AP teachers are expected to attend Advanced Placement Summer Institute Professional Development once every three years.

    Why Should Students Enroll in an Advanced Placement Course?

    • The AP Courses gives you an edge on your college application
    • Colleges are looking for students who enroll in a challenging high school curriculum
    • Students who take AP courses and score at least a “2” on an AP exam are THREE TIMES  more likely to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree within four years than students who did not take AP. (Hargrove, Godin, and Dodd, 2008)

    Pre-Advanced Placement Program

    To better prepare students for the next level of advanced courses, a differentiated curriculum is used in some Pre-Advanced Placement Courses. Teachers who teach Pre-AP courses attend the National Math and Science Institute (LTF) Teacher Professional Development.

    Socorro ISD take’s pride in providing and supporting all students this opportunity.

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