• Socorro Independent School District is committed to maintaining strong home, school and community partnerships in order to increase student academic and behavioral achievement.

    In accordance with Texas Education Code (TEC) § 39.545(a), SISD self-evaluated and assigned performance ratings for community and student engagement indicators based on results from the 2016-17 Community Engagement Survey.

    The survey results for the district and for each campus in SISD are available in the links above and at right. Also available in the document is a sample of the survey that was completed by each campus.

    SISD formulated a committee of district personnel* in order to review and revise the criteria used last year. The Texas Association of School Administrators provided school districts guidance and possible criteria to develop the survey, which SISD took into consideration when developing the survey. SISD staff members reviewed all of the criteria to ensure it was relevant and could be used to improve the district’s performance.

    2016-17 Community Engagement Survey

    2016-17 Community Engagement Survey

    Once the survey was revised, administrators received a link via Survey Monkey to access and complete with their School Improvement Teams (SIT).  All schools were surveyed in the nine areas listed below:

    1. Fine Arts
    2. Wellness and Physical Education
    3. Community and parental involvement
    4. 21st Century workforce development program
    5. Second language acquisition program
    6. Digital learning environment
    7. Dropout prevention strategies
    8. Educational programs for GT students
    9. Compliance with statutory reporting and policy requirements

    The campuses then assigned a rating of 1 = Unacceptable, 2 = Acceptable, 3 = Recognized, or 4 = Exemplary for each of the areas, except for area nine (compliance), which received a rating of either Yes or No.

    If you have any questions regarding the survey or you would like to be on the committee to develop additional questions for the nine areas on the SISD Community Engagement Survey for the 2016-2017 school year, please contact the Department of State and Federal Programs’ Assistant Director, Fernie Vasquez, at fvasqu02@sisd.net or at (915) 937-1600.

    SISD always encourages parents and community members to get involved, and appreciates your continued support in helping the district realize its vision of Tomorrow’s Leaders Learning Today.

    *The staff members who participated in the development of the SISD Community Engagement Survey were:

    • Fine Arts – Don Rominsky
    • Bilingual Education – Karina Schulte
    • State and Federal Programs – Jeanette Williams and Fernie Vasquez
    • Guidance and Counseling – Tammi Mackeben
    • Career and Technology Education – George Thomas
    • Athletics – Albert Hernandez
    • Advanced Academics – Lourdes Coria
    • Technology Services – Miguel Moreno and Hector Reyna
    • Research and Evaluation – Kelly McBain
    • Health Services – Rebecca Madrid
    • Child Nutritional Services – Shelley Chenausky