SSG Manuel R. Puentes Middle School Library Procedures


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    Bobcat Library Media Procedures:

    Check Outs

    Students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time. They are checked out for a two week period. Students can renew the books they have checked out two additional times by coming by the library and rechecking out the book.


    (Fines for the 2019-2020 School Year have been waived) Lost and damaged fees will still apply. 

    In middle school students are charged .05 cents fine per day, per books that is overdue to the library. This only applies to instructional days, so holidays are not counted in the fines. There is a limit to the fines per book. The limit of overdue fines per book is $2.00, but if the book is lost this fine will also be included in the cost of the book.

    Students are required to take care of the books that they check out and therefore any damage that occurs while the students have the book is the responsibility of the student who has checked out the book. Remember that these fine will continue to show up on the student's record even if they move to another school or leave the district.

    Scheduling Classes

    Please see library staff when scheduling classes for library visits. This allows some time for discussion as to student and teacher needs. The library is constantly reserved so please plan early. Teachers are to accompany their students to the library and remain with them during the duration of the period. Substitute teachers are not allowed to bring classes to the library.

    Students are still responsible to return their books by the due date even if their classes are not scheduled to come into the library.

    Access to the Library by Students

    Monday to Friday:  

    Before School 7:30-8:00 AM

    During Lunch Periods (10 minutes after lunch begins)


    After School 3:15-4:00 PM

    The Bobcat Library Media Center is open to students all day if the librarian is not giving lessons in the library or is out of the library. The scholars should have a library pass when they come to the library from the Educator whose class they are leaving.

    Before school, the LMC is open at 7:30 for reading, checking out books, and for last-minute homework completion. Please ask the librarian for instructions for printing.  The students can print at the library, but there is a 10-page limit.

    After school, the LMC is open from 3:15 to 4:00 PM unless we are having “After School Bobcat Center” time. The scholars can read, work on homework, use the computers for homework, or to work on projects with a group of scholars.

    There will be times when the LMC is unavailable due to meetings or celebrations. We will try to minimize the number of times those events occur in the LMC in order to make the LMC available to our Bobcat scholars.

    Computer Access by Students

    Students may access the Puentes library catalog and Internet on the library computers. Computers are to be used for school purposes only. Accessing inappropriate Internet sites will result in loss of privileges. Students must ask permission from library staff to use computers. Please ask the librarian for instructions for printing.

    Access to Library Services 24/7

    Our school provides access to library resources and services continually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    *eBooks on MackinVia and Follet Destiny Shelf

    *Databases on MackinVia TexQuest Online Resources

    *News and Magazines on MackinVia

    These resources can be accessed by logging on to MackinVia and Destiny Shelf from our Puentes Homepage or from the Clever Portal.  TexQuest can be accessed from our Library Media Homepage.

    Interlibrary Loans
    In cooperation with the other libraries in the SISD, we offer the option of interlibrary loans for teachers only.  Upon request, teachers may check out available items from other SISD campus libraries. Please see the librarian or assistant if you wish to make use of this service.

    Student Conduct
    Students are expected to exhibit their best behavior while in the library. School rules will be enforced, including the dress code policy. All students should be respectful and courteous to each other and to adults, as well as respect the property of others.

    If students fail to exhibit proper behavior they will have their library privileges modified.

    In order to maintain a clean library environment, there is no gum, food, or drinks allowed in the library.






Last Modified on May 28, 2020