• The Dyslexia Program

    The Socorro Independent School District’s Dyslexia Program is designed to identify and remediate potential reading problems for students reflecting a pattern of evidence of primary characteristics of dyslexia..  Students who qualify for the Dyslexia Program receive simultaneous, multi-sensory, systematic, cumulative, explicit instruction which targets their specific reading needs, as outlined in the State Handbook.

    Dyslexia services are offered to each identified student at their home campus during the instructional day.  The services are provided by teachers who have been trained in instructional strategies that utilize individualized, intensive, multi-sensory, phonetic methods and a variety of writing and spelling components.

    The Referral Process

    There is no one test for Dyslexia.  A number of tests will be administered in order to identify the evidence of characteristics.  The Dyslexia Specialist may collaborate with other professionals such as speech/language pathologists, counselors, teachers, or physicians, as necessary to include all pertinent data in the identification process.

    For more information, you may contact:

    Myrna Tapia-Lead Dyslexia Specialist
    Email: mgalle08@sisd.net

    Dorina Bennett-Dyslexia Specialist
    Email: dbenne02@sisd.net

    Tina Conrad-Dyslexia Specialist
    Email: tconra@sisd.net

    Lilian Mares-Dyslexia Specialist
    Email: lmares01@sisd.net

    Damiana Martinez-Dyslexia Specialist
    Email: dlucke@sisd.net


    Texas Dyslexia Hotline: 1(800) 232-3030
    Texas Dyslexia Handbook

    Southwest Branch International Dyslexia Association, http://www.southwestida.org

    Talking Book Program (free Library for identified dyslexics)


    Certification renewal requirement

    Click on the links below to access a free Dyslexia Professional Learning Course designed for all school and district staff members across the state who serve students in kindergarten through grade 12 and need to renew their certification every five years to meet TEC §21.054(b) / TAC §232.11 (continuing education requirements for an educator who teaches students with dyslexia must include training regarding new research and practices in educating students with dyslexia).

    DYSLEXIA: A TEA Professional Learning Course Flyer

    For classroom teachers who are NOT a part of the Reading Academies, they will need their UNIQ-ID# to register and receive credit for the course. To obtain UNIQ-ID# log in to Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) user account and find it under your Profile or contact your PEIMS department.

    TEA Dyslexia-TEA (tealearn.com)

    For classroom teachers who are a part of reading academies, the course will just need to be added to their dashboard.  For your reference, here is that link: