• Volunteer Sports Program (VSP)

      VSP Emblem
    The SISD VSP is a fantastic way our students can stay active, be healthy, be a part of a team, and learn a sport.  Currently VSP coordinates soccer in the fall, basketball and track & field in the spring, and spirit squat year round.  VSP's goal is to eliminate adverse student behavior in the long run by providing after school sports activities for students. This promotes fun, participation, healthy youth development, and family involvement.  Remember that students grades and attendance are considered first for each student interested in VSP.
    VSP Coordinator is Isabel Griego
    She may be contacted at:
    (915) 937-0128
     VSP President is Trevor Baize
    He may be contacted at: 
    (248) 506-9558
    To learn more about VSP and to sign up your student click on the link below.
    Little Girl Running On Track