• Purple Heart Attendance Incentives & Awards

    Student Holding Perfect Attendance Trophy

    Excellent attendance is the key to each and every students' academic success. Please make sure your students attend school every day. Perfect attendance means that a student has missed zero days. We honor students attendance by:

    Weekly Class Attendance Incentives

    • Classes that have 100% weekly attendance will be rewarded and announced for Free dress Wednesday.
    • Students with weekly perfect attendance may be awarded with special coupons, prizes, or activities on Fridays. Individual free dress coupons will be redeemed on Monday.

    Monthly Attendance Levels

    • The top 3 Purple Heart classes with the highest percentage of attendance by class for each month will enjoy a popcorn party in their class and a class certificate.
    • Individual students with monthly perfect attendance will enjoy a movie at the end of the month.
    9 Week Student Attendance Incentives
    • Students with perfect attendance for each 9 weeks will be rewarded with brag tags and participate in a bike and t-shirt raffle.

    Year-End Student Attendance Incentives

    • Students with perfect attendance for the entire school year (0 absences and 5 or less tardies for the entire school year) will be honored at the Heroes Year-End Award Assemblies and recognized with a trophy.
    • Students with faithful attendance (missing 3 days or less and 5 or less tardies for the entire school year) will be honored at the Hero Year-End Award Assemblies and recognized with a medal.