• Gifted and Talented 30 Hours Core Trainings 2019-2020

    Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners
    Gain a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges facing gifted students. Examine and analyze the history of gifted education, modern legal requirements, and service design options. Explore the characteristics of gifted students and the nature of gifted education through research-based hands-on activities.

    Identificaion and Assesment of Gifted Learners
    Examine the process or referring students for gifted services. Understand important considerations for ensuring that all gifted students are identified. Participants will examine and evaluate different assessment options for identifying gifted students and the importance of service design when selecting assessment insturments.

    Models of Differentiated Instruction
    Explore effective models of differentiated instruction in the classroom that address content, pacing and/or product. Acquire instruction and assessment tools for incorporating differentiation in workable and successful ways. Gain a foundational understanding of differentiation and learn how to develop an array of learning experiences to build upon students' unique interests and abilities.

    Creative and Critical Thinking
    Learn new tools for creating challenging learning experiences that develop students' creative and critical thinking abilities. Gain a deep understanding of the relationship between affective and cognitive growth. Examine effective ways to develop lessons that promote higher-level problem-solving, decision-making research skills and innovation.

    Engaging Gifted Students by adding Depth and Complexity
    Improve lesson organization and purpose by exploring the elements of depth and complexity in the TEKS. Learn effective ways to encourage students to become experts and to generate advanced products and performances that address themes, problems, and issues. Acquire strategies and tools for designing a continuum of learning experiences to promote student success.

    Fall Intersession Training


    August 4, 2019          Nature and Needs of GT Students

    October 8, 2019       Nature and Needs of GT Students
    October 9, 2019       Identification and Assessment of Gifted Learners
    October 10, 2019     Models of Differentiated Instruction
    October 11, 2019     Creative and Critical Thinking
    October 12, 2019     Engaging Gifted Students by Adding Depth and Complexity

    Fall Saturday Trainings

    November 3, 2019   Nature and Need of GT Students
    December 1, 2019   Identification and Assessment of Gifted Learners


    Spring Intersession Training


    March  18, 2020       Nature and Needs of GT Students
    March  19, 2020       Identification and Assessment of Gifted Learners
    March  20, 2020       Models of Differentiated Instruction
    March  21, 2020       Creative and Critical Thinking
    March  22, 2020       Engaging Gifted Students by Adding Depth and Complexity


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