•            See what electives Eastlake has to offer!

    A. Foreign Language
         1. Spanish I Native
         2. Spanish II Native
         3. Spanish I Non Native
         4. Spanish II  Non Native
         5. AP Spanish Language
         6. French I
         7. French II
         8. French III
         9. Chinese I
         10. Chinese II
    B. Avid
         a. I
         b. II
         c. III
         d. IV
    C. Journalism
         a. Journalism
         b. Advanced Journalism Yearbook I
         c. Advanced Journalism Yearbook II
         d. Photojournalism (Juniors and Seniors only) 
    D. Student Council
         a. Student Leadership
         b. Advanced Student Leadership
    E. Fine Arts
         a. Art I
              i. Drawing II, III, IV
             ii. Sculpture I, II, III, IV
            iii. AP Art II Dim/DE
            iv. AP Art Drawing
         b. Theater I, II, III, IV
         c. Tech Theater I, II, III, IV
         d. Theater Productions
         e. Dance I, II, III, IV
         f. Piano I, II, III, IV
         g. Choir I, II, III, IV
         h. Orchestra I, II, III, IV
          i. Band I, II, III, IV
                i. Jazz
               ii. Ensemble
              iii. Fiddle
               iv. Mariachi
                v. Drum Line
          j. Guitar I, II, III, IV
    F. Physical Education 
         a. Athletic Training
         b. Health
         c. Sports Medicine I, II
         d. PE Foundations
         e. Weights
         f. Aerobics
         g. Wrestling
         h. Football
          i. Soccer
          j. Track
          k. Cross Country
           l. Basketball
          m. Individual Team Sports
           n. Golf
           o. Tennis
           p. Softball
           q. Volleyball
    G. Career and Technology
         a. Law Enforcement
              i. Law Enforcement I, II (Juniors and Seniors)
             ii. Court Systems and Practices
            iii. Federal Law and Protective Services
         b. Teacher Education
             i. Child Development
            ii. Principles of Education
           iii. Instructional Practices
            iv. Practicum in Education and Training
    H. Dollars and Sense
    I. Business Information Management 
    J. Lifetime Nutrition
    K. Professional Communications
    L. College Readiness
    M. Veterinary Technology
         a. Principles of Agriculture
         b. Small Animal Management/ Professional Standards in Agribusiness
         c. Livestock Production
         d. Veterinary Medical Applications
         e. Advanced Animal Science
    N. Biomedical Science
         a. Principles of Biomedical Sciences
         b. Human Body Systems
         c. Medical Interventions
         d. Biomedical Innovations 
    O. Engineering
         a. Introduction to Engineering Design
         b. Digital Electronics
         c. Engineering Science
         d. Engineering Design and Development
         e. Civil Engineering and Architecture
         f. Aerospace Engineering
    P. Animation
         a. Digital Media
         b. Animation I (Juniors and Seniors)
         c. Animation II  (Seniors)
    Q. Audio Video Production
         a. Audio Video Production I (Freshman and Sophomores only)
         b. Audio Video Production II (Juniors only)
         c. Practicum in Audio Video Production (Seniors only)
    R. Automotive Technology (Socorro High School) (Juniors and Seniors only) 
    S. Business Management
         a. Business Information Management I
         b. Business Information Management II
         c. Human Resource Management/ Banking and Financial Services
    T. Computer Maintenance
    U. Computer Technician
    V. Career Preparation I, II (Seniors only) 
    W. Culinary Arts
         a. Principles of Hospitality (Seniors only)
         b. Intro to Culinary Arts
         c. Culinary Arts I (Juniors only)
         d. Practicum in Culinary Arts (Seniors only)
         e. Food Science
    X. Digital Media and Web Design
         a. Business Information Management
         b. Digital Media
         c. Web Technologies
    Y. Graphic Design and Illustration
         a. Graphic Design and Illustration I
         b. Graphic Design and Illustration II Lab
    Z. Horticulture
         a. Floral Design
         b. Landscape Design and Turf Management
         c. Horticulture Science
    AA. Cosmetology
         a. Intro to Cosmetology
         b. Cosmetology I (Juniors only)
         c. Cosmetology II (Seniors only)
         d. Practicum in Human Services
         e. Cosmetology I Nail Technology (Juniors only)
         f. Cosmetology II Nail Technology (Seniors only)
    BB. ROTC (Americas High School)