• GT Campus Program Design



    Campus – Sun Ridge Middle

    Phone – 937-6697

    GT Coordinator – Rebecca Carrillo rebcarrillo@sisd.net

    Conference – Open

    Administrator – Ashley Adcox    

    Program Description:

    • 1st Nine Weeks & 2nd Nine Weeks (fall semester) – Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are served through their core subject classes in pre-AP and regular classes, according to their area/s of strength, based on available testing data. Curriculum and instruction is modified in depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program. Teachers develop modification plans for students to work independently and with other students through a differentiated curriculum specified in detailed lesson plans.

    Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are served through an instructional program, Anti-Bullying and SEL, every Friday to ensure the goals and objectives set forth by the state and district are met. Mrs. Fernandez instructs the 6th grade students, Mrs. Lindsey instructs the 7th grade students, and Ms. Naylor instructs the 8th grade students. Instruction will emphasize content in the four (4) core academic areas with focus on STEAM, Anti-Bullying and SEL in a variety of genres to help produce advanced products at the end of each nine weeks period and/or the semester.

    A field trip will be planned for each grade level to coincide with the academic objectives that have been outlined. For fall semester sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students will be participating in the Adventures in Learning Team Quest Academic Competition, “Farming for the Future” where gifted and talented students will explore the science, technology, and art of farming and land cultivation. Students will learn about the challenges, trials, technological advances, and importance of farming and agriculture through 5 hands on challenges designed to test students in science, engineering, technology, art, math, and creativity. Students will also acquire leadership skills in the planning and implementation process; perform rigorous, project-based learning tasks that require precise and exact performances from each team member which allows them to make connections between their academic learning at school and real world experiences; exhibit their leadership skills via hands-on activities and then discuss/record the experiences with the students upon the completion of the event; provide students the opportunity to strategize and plan with their groups once the task and rules have been explained. Students will participate on November 14, 2019.


    • 3rd Nine Weeks & 4th Nine Weeks (spring semester) – Students will complete a Passion Project to be showcased through a virtual GT Showcase in May, 2020.


Last Modified on April 8, 2020