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    Involvement in the Partners in Education Program is open to corporations, businesses of all sizes, civic and professional organizations, agencies, neighborhood associations, parents and community individuals. If you would like to become a Partner in Education, it’s a simple two-step process.


    1. Please complete the “Business Partner Profile” form and fax it to 915-851-7555 or email it to mkirtl@sisd.net
    2. Next, be sure to complete the Volunteer Background check at http://www.sisd.net/page/684. Please remember to write in “District-Wide” if you wish to partner with all SISD schools and then select “Business PIE.”. 

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    These are the ways are business partners can help:

    Monetary Donations

    Monetary donations are always appreciated! Monetary donations can be given in the form of grants, gift certificates, coupons, etc.

    In-Kind Donations

    In-kind donations are made by our business community and include food/snacks, printing, copying, school uniforms, equipment and furniture.


    Several fundraisers are carried out throughout the year. Fundraisers help schools pay for various programs and activities not included in the school’s fiscal budget. Fundraisers include but are not limited to school spirit nights, coupon book sales, value cards, product sales, etc.


    The Partners in Education Program strongly encourages business partners to volunteer with school events and activities. Business partners can serve as judges, readers, mentors, and on school and/or District committees. All business partners are required to complete a “Volunteer Registration” form every year for a background check.

    Community Education

    The Partners in Education Program continues to see an increase in community education partnerships. Community education presentations are a great way to get important information out to the public. Presentations have been made on cyberbullying, health programs, financial assistance, and platforms to supplement curriculum.

    Event and Program Sponsorships

    The Partners in Education Program is always looking for sponsorship for specific events and programs. Business partners can provide event and program sponsorships through donations of product, money, specific items requested, or volunteerism. See our sponsorship page for more information.