• Eastlake HS Library Media Center

    Monday to Thursday 7:45-5:00

    Friday 7:45-4:00



    The library is open Monday-Thursday from 7:45 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday from 7:45 AM to 4:00 PM unless otherwise noted.

    Students who come without a class must have a pass with their name, the teacher’s name, date, time, and purpose in the library or will be sent back to class.

    Teachers can check for library availability online on our webpage under the Library Calendar link. Times and locations are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

    Teachers should fill out the Library Usage Request Form, available on the library’s web page, at least a week before researching in the library.  We look forward to working with you and your students and want to be prepared with resources.

    If you have scheduled time in the library and are going to be absent that day, please make an alternate lesson plan because your students will need to stay in your classroom.



    The library circulates books from its general collection for two weeks.  Students may take five items at a time.

    Students will be charged $0.05 a day for late material for each book that is late, up to a maximum of $2.00 per book.  Users are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged items. Students will not be cleared for transfer, school withdrawal, or graduation, until all late and lost/damaged fees are paid in full.



    Inter library loan is a service that provides students and faculty access to information resources not available at the EHS library.  Through ILL, these resources may be borrowed through other libraries within the district.  Requests for ILL are made through the circulation desk.



    Students may use the computers available in the library if the use is in accordance with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy.  If a student deviates from district policy, he or she will be warned once to stop.  If the behavior persists, the student will be asked to leave the library.

    Guest accounts for computer use are available for parents and community members on a temporary basis.  Please see a library staff member for assistance with a guest account. 



    Teacher's Responsibilities:

    Teachers checking out a class set of iPads will get a charger for every two iPads received.  The iPads and chargers are due back to the library during Teacher Clearance Week.

    • Teachers are responsible for the iPads in their classrooms.
    • Make sure that all iPads are stored in a secure manner daily.
      •    Report damaged iPad(s) and/or charger(s) to library staff immediately.
      •    File a police report immediately if an iPad is stolen.

    Teachers are responsible for conveying proper iPad usage to students and for establishing consequences when proper use is not followed.

    Substitute teachers will not be allowed to use iPads.

    Class set iPad use will be in accordance with the school district's Acceptable Use Policy.

    Student's Responsibilities:

    Student iPad use will be in accordance with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and may be used in class for school purpose/teacher directed activities only



    Students must always have their IDs as per school policy. 



    Students may print material from the computers and student laptops. Students will have 100 copies available free of charge. Additional copies may be purchased for $5.00 (100 copies)



    Only library staff will operate the lamination machine.

    Please allow 24 hours for laminating turn around.  This does not include testing days, half days, or holidays.

    Due to the high demand and cost of materials we must now charge for laminating.

    Cost:  $0.50 per foot of lamination



    Please allow 24 hours for posters to be printed.  This does not include testing days, half days, or holidays.

    We have opened the poster printing machine to all clubs, organizations, students, faculty, and staff who would like posters.  Because of the increased volume of printing we need to charge users to keep up with the supply demand, but we are happy to print the posters for you.  Please let us know how many and what size you would like your posters when you send a PDF and request to print.

    Small - 18" - $7.00 each

    Large - 30' - $10.00 each



    The EHS library follows the challenged material policy established by the district.  For any questions about the policy, or to challenge material available at the EHS library, please contact the librarian.