legoSports & Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

    This last school year, 2021-2022, Sgt. Jost F. Carrasco advanced to local and state competitions.  Our scholars are working collaboratively to advance and meet goals.  Below are a few of the opportunities we will offer throughout our school year in 2022-2023.

    • Sgt. Jose F. Carrasco Elementary Basketball Leagues
    • VSP Soccer & Track
    • Cheer Squad (Tryouts in May)
    • Dance
    • Robotics
    • Chess / Checkers
    • Art, Music, and more
    • YWCA
    • WATT Watchers (TBA)
    • Student Council
    • Anthology
    • Art competitions
    • University Interscholastic League (UIL)
    • Destination Imagination (DI)
    • Military Club
    • Math Bee
    • Spelling Bee
    • Science Fair
    • SWAT (Technology Team)
    • The BUFFS (Ambassador Team)


    SGT. Jose F. Carrasco will provide students with opportunities to become well-rounded individuals, citizens who will one day give back to their own communities.  The following programs will provide support and will be implemented over time.  PARENTS, WE NEED YOU!  Thank you for volunteering your time to help us coordinate and run some of these amazing programs.