• How long will it take to complete projects?
    The proposed plan is projected to have all projects procured within the first year, with all design and construction being substantially complete within 5 years.

    Who decided what should be included in Bond 2017?
    The Board of Trustees formed the 2017 Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) in June 2017. Comprised of 30 community members, representing a diverse group including parents, employees, volunteers, businesses, elected officials and taxpayers as a whole, the FAC evaluated district facilities and demographic data and focused on investing in the district’s established communities, addressing growth in the district and, ultimately, investing in projects that would improve student instruction. The FAC and the Board prioritized the projects in respect of the district’s taxpayers and based on educational impact, equity, and stakeholder input. View the complete information regarding the work of FAC at www.sisd.net/2017-18FAC.

    Why didn’t the district pay for the construction using its current budget?
    Funds needed to build capital projects such as schools are significant, such that they cannot be funded out of the operating budget. Consequently, the state allows for a separate tax (I&S tax rate) to generate the funds needed to build the capital projects.

    Is every school community being impacted by Bond 2017?
    Yes. Students throughout the district will be impacted through improvements at comprehensive high schools, new schools to accommodate growth, support service, and athletic improvements.

    How will the new schools be named?
    Socorro ISD community members will be invited to submit names for the new schools. A task force consisting of area parents, students and community members, and district staff will review all nominations. The group will recommend a name, school mascot and colors to Superintendent Dr. José Espinoza and the SISD Board of Trustees for consideration. The final decision in naming the school rests with the Board of Trustees.

    How will new schools be designed?
    New schools will be designed following proven prototypical designs that meet modern building codes and standards, and reflecting a 21st century learning environment.

    How will architects and contractors be selected?
    Socorro ISD follows a bidding process prescribed by state law. The process allows the district to select the contractors on the basis of best value to the district. Click here for more information on policy CVA (Local).

    What is the bond’s tax impact on SISD homeowners?
    A comparison of tax rates amongst area school districts, shows SISD has the lowest rate of the major school districts in the region. At $1.27 per $100 valuation, SISD’s total tax rate is 14 cents lower than EPISD (when the district sells all of its voter-approved bonds) and 19 cents lower than YISD. Bond 2017, added $0.106 per $100 valuation in 2017-18 or $8.83 per month on a home with a $100,000 taxable value. Property taxes for senior citizens 65 years of age and older were frozen and would not be affected by passage of bond issues, as long as they filed the proper paperwork with the El Paso Central Appraisal District.

    When was the last time SISD increased its tax rate?
    Socorro ISD has maintained the same total tax rate for six consecutive years. Although the district can raise taxes without voter approval, the Board has maintained a commitment to only assess the amount necessary to effectively and efficiently operate the district.

    Where can I learn more about Bond 2017?
    Please visit www.sisd.net/Bond2017 for more information or contact Daniel Escobar at 915-937-0282 or descob02@sisd.net.