• 2017 Bond Accountability Committee

    The Socorro ISD Bond Accountability Committee (BAC) is to ensure and promote communication and accountability surrounding all elements within Bond 2017. The BAC is an independent citizens' committee that will report to the Board of Trustees and the general public. The BAC will be comprised of no more than 14 members selected via an open application process; representing parents, teachers, senior citizens, employee associations, the business community and elected officials. Two members will be appointed by each Trustee upon review of written applications. Appointments will be for a two-year term. Terms may be extended for additional two year terms upon approval by the appointed Trustee. Term extensions and new appointments will be made by the respective Trustee at the time of the action.

    Committee Members:

    • Adrian Hernandez
    • Amanda Gonzalez
    • Craig Patton
    • David Gamez
    • James Kotter
    • Jennifer E. Campbell
    • Jose L. Reyes
    • MaryAnn Paez
    • Richard Renteria
    • Robert Alvarez
    • Tomas Sigala, Jr.
    • Veronica Garcia
    • William E. Castorena II

    All meetings of the BAC will be open to the public, and summaries of discussions along with copies of materials will be posted on the BAC Communications page. The first meeting of the BAC is scheduled for Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 6 p.m. in the SISD District Service Center, 12440 Rojas Dr.

    BAC Charter

    Superintendent's Parent/Student Advisory Council Meeting Bond 2017 Update