• Free College Classes

    SISD is helping high school students get ahead and save money by increasing early college programs and dual credit courses. Team SISD, in collaboration with El Paso Community College, offers the most early college high school programs in the region. More than 1,465 students are enrolled in one of four early college high school programs where they will earn an associate’s degree, or 60 college credit hours, along with their high school diploma. With the addition of three programs in 2019-20, SISD will be the only district in the region to have an early college high school program in every comprehensive high school. 

    The number of SISD students enrolled in dual credit courses has increased by 166 percent in four years. Across all programs, Team SISD students earned 33,000+ college credit hours and saved more than $12 million in college tuition in 2018-19. To ensure students can benefit from these opportunities, all eighth graders and sophomores in Team SISD take the Texas Success Initiative assessment for free, which determines if they can take college-level courses. Eighth-graders, sophomores take the PSAT and juniors take the SAT free of charge.

    Learn more about free college courses in Team SISD.