• State-of-the-Art Technologies

    State-of-the-Art Technologies

    SISD has invested millions of dollars in laptops/tablets for ALL 47,000-plus students to have access to a personal mobile tech device. Students, faculty, and staff are supported with the highest level of service and access to state-of-the-art technologies. The instructional technology team supports students daily with innovative digital and blended learning opportunities and events such as ROBOCOM, Academic Technology Showcase, and Hour of Code/ Computer Science Education Week activities.

    In addition, close collaboration through the various technology departments ensures that all educational and administrative technology systems and infrastructure are successfully managed, secured and reliable. The technology services department is critical in keeping district operations and instruction running effectively and efficiently.

    SISD also has a great track record of preparing students for success in the technology workforce while still in high school or immediately after graduation. With hires in the SISD Technology Services department during the 2021-2022 school year, the district is living up to that tradition with its exceptional computer maintenance and networking program supported by the Career and Technical Education department. Several technology employees are SISD high school graduates who gained real-world, hands-on experience in Team SISD through their computer maintenance and networking classes and are now full-time support technicians working at campuses in the district.

    The CTE computer maintenance and networking program is offered at each of the district’s comprehensive high schools and students learn from a classroom teacher and an instructional support person.