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    As an Advanced Academy, our students are focused on attaining a post secondary education.  Much emphasis is placed on Dual Credit and A/P Courses as part of the SBA curriculum.  Students are expected to have a "college level" outlook and attention is placed on being responsible when it comes to homework, deadlines, projects, and grades.

    Students will have the opportunity to take various college tours throughout the school year.

    College Information


    TSI: As Freshman all students must have taken and passed all portions of the TSI (Texas Success Initiative Exam) in order to take Dual Credit courses beginning their sophomore year.  Students who need to retest or who have not taken the TSI will have an opportunity to do so by second semester of their freshman year (see calendar for dates). Universities also require that students take and pass the TSI prior to enrolling.  Students are required to pay for the exam if taken at the college level.  SISD offers the TSI exam free of charge to current students.


    SAT Exam: Students must take the Scholastic Aptitude Test prior to graduation.  SISD will allow all junior students to take the exam free of charge. Students who do not take the SAT exam prior to graduation will have to pay for it on their own. For more information on the SAT exam and its requirements, please visit: https://www.princetonreview.com/college/sat-information


    Financial Aid: All senior students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA financial aide application.  The application is open beginning in October of the student's senior year.  Monies are issued on a first come first serve basis.  FAFSA reviews the student and parent's financial need and assesses if the student is eligible for grants, financial aid, and or student loans.  All students regardless of income level are encouraged to attend.  Pebble Hills High School holds several FAFSA NIGHTS where parents and students can attend and receive help while filling out the application. For more information about FAFSA or to apply please visit:  https://fafsa.gov/

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