Reunification Process

  • Reunification Procedures

    • Parents/Guardians will be guided by school officials and SISD Police Services to their child’s specific location via the district website, tweeter account, face book, or the call out system global connect.
    • Students will only be released to parents/guardians who are documented and present identification such as driver’s license, military identification, or passport.
    • The reunification process can very time consume and parents/guardians are advised to be patient with the process.

    Parents-Guardians Role in Reunification

    • Ensure your child’s emergency contact information is update at the campus.
    • The district will utilize the website and call out system global connect to notify parents.
    • Ensure you are familiar with your school’s emergency communication system.
    • The schools will provide accurate and timely information to keep you informed in case of an emergency.

    Parents-Guardians role during a school emergency

    In case of school emergency, the first impulse maybe to call the school or drive to the school to pick up your child/children. The process may complicate matters since parents too close to the incident may hinder the rescue attempts by first responders. The best action to take stay close to your phone and monitor the district website for regular updates and instructions.


    • Monitor the district website and standby for information via global connect.
    • Rely on official communication from the school.
    • Listen for specific information from the school regarding reunification with your child.
    • Bring a valid picture ID to the designated reunification site.


    Call or go to the school your presence may hinder with first responders arriving at the scene.