Tutoring and Mentoring

    2018-2019 Tutoring Schedule-Our tutoring program is designed to support our early college students.  All students are encouraged to attend tutoring each week and students who are failing or struggling with courses are required to attend at least two hours of tutoring per week.  Additionally, bridge camps are offered during each intersession (October, March, and June).  Students who have not successfully passed all sections of the TSI are required to attend these camps. (Schedule will be posted the first week of school)

    2019 -20 Tutoring Schedule



    Student Mentoring-SEC Early College students are provided mentoring by our SEC teachers and our SEC Coordinator, Mr. Najera.  Additionally, we have a SEC student organization that provides peer to peer support and tutoring.  Students are encouraged to join our SEC Club.  If you wish to join, see Mr. Najera in room 1246.


    Mentoring Courses and Programs- All students are required to take EDUC 1300 to prepare them for college courses.  This course offers support and skill building to ensure student success.  EDUC 1300 Syllabus.  Additionally, students are supported in all core classes with study skills and TSI preparation strategies.   


    AVID Each freshman will be required to take an AVID I course and follow the AVID curriculum and Strategies.  AVID II will be offered to upperclassmen to support student success.  



    2019-2020 Bridge Camps


    The Fall Bridge Camp will run from September 30-October 3, 2019 for TSI tutoring and testing.  Students who are struggling in core courses will also be invited to attend for additional tutoring.  Students who have not passed all of their TSI exams will be required to attend. Additional details will be posted before the beginning of this bridge camp.


    Fall Bridge Camp Bus Routes

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    Bus 2

    Bus 3

    Bus 4



    TSI Curriculum 2018 -19 Bridge Camps


    The Spring Bridge Camp will run from March 09-12, 2020.  All incoming Freshmen for the 2020-2021 school year will be required to attend this camp as well as any current SEC students who have not successfully passed all of the TSI exams.


    The Summer Bridge Camp will run from June 1-5, 2020.



    2017-2018 Bridge Camps

    The Summer Bridge Camp will run from June 4-6 (8:30-12:00) and students will attend an EPCC orientation on either June 7th or June 8th (8:30-1:00).  This is a mandatory camp for all incoming freshman.

    Bus Route Information

    Summer 2018 TSI Bridge Camp Curriculum and Activities


    Bridge Camp will run from March 12-16 from 8-12.  Students will have a campus orientation and three days of TSI reading, writing, and math preparation.


    New Teacher Mentoring Program

    Mentoring Calendar

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