• Montwood High School Dual Credit Program

    Socorro Independent School District is working in conjunction with El Paso Community College (EPCC) to offer Dual Credit classes to our students at Montwood High School at no cost to students. Dual Credit classes are offered to high school students at any grade level who meet college readiness standards set forth by EPCC. Students in Dual Credit classes have the opportunity to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school ultimately, receiving both high school and college credit concurrently.

    Dual Credit Early Admission Form

    Please contact our Dual Credit Administrator, Mr. Hairston or Counselor, Mrs. Revelez for more information or questions regarding our program.

    Liz Revelez
    Dual Credit Counselor

    Orlando Hairston
    Dual Credit Administrator

    What the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program is:
    The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) was mandated by the State Legislature effective Fall 2003. It requires testing, remediation and advising of all students who attend a public college or university in Texas. The program assesses a student's basic academic skills in performing effectively in college-level course work.

    Who Must Be Assessed?
    Every new first-time entering student must take a placement assessment test prior to enrolling at EPCC and every student transferring from another college or university must either take a placement assessment and/or have transcripts evaluated for appropriate placement into courses.

    What If You Do Not Place Into College-Level Courses?
    You must participate in a remediation program to prepare you for college-level coursework. Until you have completed the developmental sequence, you must be advised by a counselor prior to enrolling each semester. You may re-take the test to try to place into college-level courses in lieu of completing the developmental courses.