• Montwood High School Advanced Placement Program

    These courses are designed to take a deeper and more complex look at content while preparing you for Advanced Placement exams and college entrance exams. In addition to taking college-level courses, you have the opportunity to receive college credit based on AP exam scores.  All students enrolled in a Pre-AP/AP course for high school credit must pass the course with a 70% or better to receive five weighted grade points per semester.

    Advanced Placement Agreement

    Taking Pre-AP/AP courses requires a great deal of responsibility to meet the high expectations of the course. The following are the expectations required of all students taking advanced level course work:

    Students are expected to:

    1. Be time managers – prepare, stay up-to-date and complete all assignments, lessons and tests. Advanced courses move at a faster pace and require outside work and studying both at home and school.
    2. Be creative and critical thinkers – solve problems, hypothesize, generalize, and synthesize course material by looking at in a deeper more complex way.
    3. Be independent and self-directed learners – discover and learn new content on their own, as well as take ownership for their learning, including taking the corresponding AP exam at the end of the course.
    4. Communicate verbally and nonverbally – communicate with teachers and peers collaboratively through a variety of mediums. It is the student’s responsibility to effectively communicate with their teachers when there is an issue.
    5. Have academic integrity – uphold the highest standard of academic integrity and honesty. Cheating and/or plagiarism is not tolerated. Not only is it a violation of the student code of conduct, it is unethical. Any student who does not conduct themselves with academic integrity will not only face disciplinary consequences, but may also be dropped from the course.

    Guardians are expected to:

    1. Be familiar with all PAP/AP course requirements and policies as outlined in the course syllabus.
    2. Attend at least one AP/PAP Parent Night at your child’s campus.
    3. Support your child’s development in the skills necessary to be a successful student.
    4. Notify the teacher immediately if you have concerns relating to the class or your child’s progress.
    5. Ensure that your child will attend tutoring when necessary.
    6. Ensure that your child will attend test prep and practice test sessions.

    Exit/Drop Policy

    All drops require the approval of Campus Administrator.  No drops will be approved unless there is proof of a student improvement plan and a conference between administrator, teacher, parent, student, and counselor.