• Advanced Placement Program Changes

    All students enrolled in AP Classes are required to challenge the AP exam. The exam fee per exam is $94.00. Students who receive a semester grade of 85% or better will have their AP exam fee waved. The first payment will be due by January 29, 2021 for those students who do not receive the 85% or better. Payments can be made with Mrs. De La Rosa in the Business Office and copies of your receipt need to be turned into Mr. Hairston in the REC Office. If you have any questions stop by to speak to Mr. Hairston.

    Each Exam Cost $94.00, or $53.00 for students that receive free/reduced lunch.

    Students who pass Semester 1 of an AP class with an 85% or higher can have their exam fees returned and fees will be covered by SISD.

    Payment Plan

    Payment 1 – January 29, 2021 either a $25 (regular lunch) or $15 (reduced lunch). This payment is per course that the student is taken. Ex: if a student has reduced lunch and is taking 3 courses then a $45 payment is due. If a student has regular lunch and is taking 3 courses then $75 payment is due.

    Payment 2 – February 26, 2021 second payment is due of $25/$15 times amount of AP exams registered for.

    Payment 3 – March 260, 2021 third payment is due $25/$15 times amount of AP exams registered for.

    Payment 4 – April 30, 2021 remaining balance for all AP exams are due.

    No Refund Policy:
    If a student registers for an exam and does not take the exam, he or she will be charged $40.00 return fee. This is the amount College Board charges for each unused exam.

    If a student DROPS an AP class after exams have been ordered in November, he or she will be responsible for the $94.00 AP exam fee plus a $25.00 return fee, for a total of $119.00.

    Students who pay for their exam and receive a qualifying score of 3 or higher, can request a refund for the exam fee.