Ms. Randi Shreve, Principal

Phone: 915-937-7300


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Randi Shreve, Principal


The vision at Campestre Elementary is to develop students that are honorable, independent, successful and safe from an early age both in the classroom and in the community. Each of us will play a role in helping our Cobras develop leadership skills that will help them be productive citizens.


  • Create and maintain a safe environment where students want to be part of everyday.
  • Provide opportunities to help students perform at their maximum level.
  • Increase our masters grade-level results in all content areas.


  • TEA “A” rating
  • Distinction Designation in Reading
  • Distinction Designation in Math
  • Distinction Designation in Student Progress
  • Distinction in Closing the Gaps
  • Distinction in Post-Secondary Readiness
  • 21st Century Recipients


  • 1st Place in District Attendance
  • 1st , 2ndm 3rd Place- 5th Grade District Number Sense
  • 4th & 5th Place- 4th Grade Music Memory
  • 5th Place- 2nd Grade Creative Writing