• 8th Grade Job Shadowing

    Socorro ISD and the Career and Technical Education department would like to extend to all 8th grade students currently taking a College and Career Readiness class to participate in the Job Shadowing Program. “Job Shadowing” offer students an opportunity to investigate the culture of the workplace. Students will spend a few days observing, listening, and following a competent worker (mentor) around as they go about their work day. They will gain awareness and understanding of daily, weekly, and industry insights. The students will be given a chance to perform simple job duties (hands-on activities).

    Twenty four SISD 8th grade students will be selected per school to visit our local business and industries within areas they have expressed an interest in. This program will provide awareness and understanding of tasks and industry insights. Students can apply through the link below. Students deadline to register for this event June 9, 2022.

    June 6th, 7th out in Business/Industry. June 8th Reflection day at their campus.

     1pm to 4pm each day.

  • Student Registration
  • Business and Industry Registration