• WIN Academy

     PHE WIN logo

    W – Work Hard

     I – I Can Do It Attitude

    N – Never Give Up


    Purple Heart Elementary offers the WIN Academy program for students in 2nd through 5th grades.

    The WIN Academy offers students MORE:

    High Expectations & Flexibility - Fast track, demanding, flexible education system to gain 2 or more years worth of knowledge in 1 year

    Instructional Time - Extended Times: 9 hours four days a week; Reading/Math Daily Double Dose; Saturday/Intersession/Summer Tutorials; Small Group Instruction

    Personalized Learning - Teacher stays with students for multiple years & educates them as if they are his/her own children

    Rigorous, College Bound Learning Environment - Laptops for students/teachers; Hands-On, Project-Based Learning; Structured Classroom Behavior Management

    Accountability for All - Frequent data-driven standards for students, parents, teachers, campus/district leaders and staff, with “100%...No Excuses” vision of excellence



    Student Programming Robots