• Boundary Adjustments

    2017-2018 Boundary Adjustments

    The Socorro Independent School District is committed to providing safe and secure learning environments for all students in order to prepare them for college, careers and beyond. As Team SISD continues to experience rapid growth, the district consistently monitors population trends and housing development to be prepared and in position to offer students the best education in comfortable, top-notch facilities.

    To proactively manage the growth, Team SISD has been examining possible boundary adjustments based on a demographics study, historical data and development within the district. Team SISD’s priority is to maximize the use of existing facilities while providing great learning opportunities for all of our students. Many aspects are being reviewed, including student transportation, staffing, and potential renovation costs as the proposed boundaries are developed. Ultimately, Team SISD is working to balance being good stewards of all resources and respecting families and existing school communities.

    Board Approved Boundary Adjustments for 2017-2018

    For comments or feedback, please contact us at boundaries@sisd.net.

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