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    Mr. Gerardo Talamantes, Assistant Principal

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    We are glad that you are taking this moment to visit us. I am Mr. Gerardo Talamantes, Pebble Hills High School Early College Director and Assistant Principal at Pebble Hills. We are extremely excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with your child for this school year. The Pebble Hills Early College will be providing your child with an opportunity to obtain their associates degree along with their high school diploma. We look forward to working directly with our Pebble Hills community to educate our student scholars.

    Mr. Talamantes has been in education for 11 years and has loved every bit of it. He started his teaching career at Montwood Middle School as a Science teacher, where he also coached track, football and soccer. After 9 years at Montwood Middle School, he transferred over to Pebble Hills High School as a SCEI Coach for a year before becoming a Proud Spartan Assistant Principal. His continued love for the students has led him to becoming the Assistant Principal who heads Pebble Hills Early College. Mr. Talamantes is a proud product of SISD as he is a 1997 graduate of Montwood High School.PHEC Logo