• Eastlake Athletic Trainer Program

    Eastlake Athletic Trainers

    Here at Eastlake we offer an Athletic Training Program and Sports Medicine courses. Student Athletic Trainers provide adequate care for all athletes either through volunteering or enroll in an athletic training class or Sports Medicine course. These students must be willing to learn not only about the body but also different types of taping, wrapping, and wound care techniques. Any student interested in possibly going into the Health profession this is a great place for them. Not only will they learn all about injuries, they will also become CPR certified as well as learn directly under Professional Athletic Trainers. Students can not be afraid to get their hands dirty as this program has some labor involved. Each student is responsible for attending practices and games for all sports throughout the year that they are assigned by the Athletic Trainers, which include late nights, weekends, intersessions and some holidays. We are the first ones here and the last ones to leave. If you are interested in being a student athletic trainer come by and pick up an application.

    We do realize that academics come first, we tell all of our Student Athletic Trainers that they are students first and student athletic trainers second.