• Sports Medicine Courses Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Sports Medicine I?
    It is a class to be offered to high school students to provide an opportunity for the study and application of the components of sports medicine. SM I can be a method to recruit athletic training students and educate students about sports medicine careers.

    What is Sports Medicine II?
    This course is designed for students in the student athletic training program, and provides a more in-depth study and application of the components of sports medicine. Individualized and independent assignments will be included in this course. This course will involve outside of class time homework and time required working with athletes and athletic teams.

    Suggested Requirements:
    This course is recommended for students in Grades 10-12. Students must receive the approval of the Licensed Athletic Trainer supervising the student athletic training program. There may be other required prerequisites for this course such as completion of the Sports Medicine I course.

    Who approved Sports Medicine I & Sports Medicine II?
    The Texas Education Agency’s commissioner of education approved the innovative courses through the department of curriculum.

    Who can teach these classes?
    The TEA approved the courses to be taught by athletic trainers licensed by the Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers, a division of the Texas Department of State Health Services. Each teacher of these courses must complete an instructor’s course offered by the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association as required by the TEA of all professional organization sponsored innovative courses. Teacher certification is not required for a licensed athletic trainer to teach Sports Medicine I and Sports Medicine II, but school districts may still require teacher certification for employment.

    How can these courses benefit secondary school athletic trainers?
    Sports Medicine I provides the secondary school athletic trainers a teaching position without teacher certification. This can provide opportunities for an increase in staffing or a shift in teaching assignment to a course that can benefit the athletic training program. Sports Medicine II provides a course, for another state elective credit, for the athletic training students that serve the athletic teams of their school. These courses will allow students to receive state graduation elective credits instead of local credits, which do not count toward the graduation requirement or class rank.

    What type of credit?
    TEA approved both SM I & II for one state-elective credit (each) which qualifies for graduation class rank for students.