•  Coach Arzola

    He is a U.S. Navy Disabled Veteran; served in 1995.  Thank You for Your Service!

    Coach Arzola has 20+ years coaching Girls' Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball.

    Graduate of Parkland High School; Class of 1994.


    Coach Hancock

    He is a professional drag racer; he races Top Fuel Dragsters from a young age.

    Coach enjoys 80's music and playing video games; He's OCD about being organized.

    While in high school, he played the saxophone and he was a member of the Basketball Team.

    Graduate of Chapin High School; Class of 2006.


     Coach Burns

    At the age of five (1970), he appeared on Romper Room -TV School for preschoolers.

    He also had dreams of being a racehorse jockey.

    During his preteen years, he raced dirt bikes (Suzuki TM 125 and Yamaha YZ 250).

    Graduate of Bel Air High School; Class of 1983.