• Socorro ISD, VSP, Volunteer Sports Program Shield

    Soccer 2019-2020

    VSP Soccer Complete Official Rules


    League Divisions

    1. Pre-Kindergarten
    2. Kindergarten/1st Grade
    3. 2nd Grade/3rd Grade
    4. 4th Grade/5th Grade
    5. 6th Grade



    1. Matching t-shirt with imprinted number on the back by the manufacturer. T-shirt must be clearly visible to all. Ex. During colder weather, long sleeves, jackets may be worn under the t-shirt. Hence, the shirt must be the top visible layer. Goalie shirt will be a contrasting color to his/her team.
    2. Shin guards are to be worn underneath long socks. Children will not share shin guards and must by sized appropriately.
    3. Jewelry is not permitted on any part of the body. This includes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and any other item deemed unsafe to the athlete.
    4. Goalie gloves and a contrasting shirt from their team uniform.
      If in the referee’s judgment the goalie shirt is not contrasting, the home team is responsible for changing colors.


    1. Matching t-shirt with coach, assistant coach or volunteer imprinted on the back by the manufacturer.
    2. Failure to comply with this rule will result in person being relieved of duty.


    1. Black pants/shorts
    2. White polo shirt
    3. Whistle
    4. Watch
    5. Red and yellow cards

    Players, coaches, volunteers are not allowed to wear uniforms with logos or lettering that depict alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs of any kind.

    Players' Equipment

    • Shin guards under long socks must be worn for practices and games.
    • Each team is to carry a first aid kit to practice and games.

    Soccer Ball

    PreKindergarten-1st Grade
    Size 3 Soccer Ball

    2nd Grade-5th Grade
    Size 4 Soccer Ball

    6th Grade
    Size 5 Soccer Ball


    1. The referee will choose the goal at which all kicks will be taken.
    2. Team players will remain in the center and on opposite sides. Five players from each team will be chosen by the coaches and will sit behind and to the respective side of the penalty kick mark. After a player kicks, unless he/she is the goalkeeper, he/she will return and sit with the chosen five. Players who were not in the play field at the end of the game will NOT participate in the shoot-out.
    3. The referee will toss a coin and the winner of the toss will choose the first kick. The referee will note each player (number) as he/she takes a kick. The kicks will be taken alternately. The shoot-out will stop if one team has one goal more than the other team after five kicks from each team. If a team has more goals than the opposing team might have after finishing the five kicks, the shoot out will end. If there is a tie after both teams have taken five kicks, the shoot- out will continue. Coaches will choose different players (not those that have already kicked) and will continue the same order. Both teams must take an equal number of kicks and the team that scores a goal more than the other team will be declared the winner.
    4. The goalkeeper will remain on the goal line between the posts until the ball is kicked into play and attempt to defend.
    5. A player in a team may take a second kick only when all eligible players on the field have each taken a kick.
    6. Any player on the field may change places with the goalie at any time during the shoot-out.
    7. Unless stated otherwise, the rules stated above will apply to the shoot-out.

    The start of the game

    • 15 minutes before game, the referee will toss a coin in the presence of the team captain and coach.
    • The winner will choose if they want to kick off or pick the side for their goal the team will defend in the first half.
    • The game will be started by a stationary ball at the center of the field into the opponent’s half of the field.
    • The kicker cannot kick the ball until another player has played it.

    Fouls and Misconduct

    A player who commits any of the following offenses will be penalized by the awarding of a direct free kick to the opposing team from where the offense took place.

    • Handling the ball (except for goalkeeper).
    • Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent or kicking higher than the waist level when surrounded by players.
    • Purposely tripping or jumping on or at an opponent.
    • Holding, pushing, striking, or attempting to strike an opponent.

    The first offense will result in a penalty kick for the opposing team. The second offense will result in ejection of the game. The ejected player will be required to leave premises with parent/guardian.

    If a player commits any of the following offenses, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick.

    • Playing in a manner considered by the referee to be dangerous.
    • Charging when the ball is not within playing distance and they are not involved in the play.
    • When not playing the ball, intentionally obstructing an opponent.
    • When playing as goalkeeper and within his own penalty area takes more than four steps, replays the ball after releasing it before it has been touched by another player (his/her teammate outside the penalty area or opponent within the penalty area), or when indulges in time wasting tactics to gain an advantage.

    Yellow Cards

    • Dissent
    • Sportsmanship misconduct
    • Persistent infringement of the rules
    • Using threatening, foul language, and/or racial slurs
    • Entering or exiting the field without the permission of the referee

    Red Cards

    • Violent conduct or serious foul play;
    • Abusive or foul language;
    • Persistent misconduct after having received a caution.


    4th Grade-6th Grade teams will play a single elimination bracket. Bracket placement will be determined by a draw.

    *NOTE: The ruling of the official is final. Please note the rules of the game will be modified at the discretion of the official to allow children to play the game.