All students from Pebble Hills High School thrive in their environment and realize their highest potential.  They are fully engaged in lifelong learning, and they actively RISE to new and challenging experiences that expand their worldviews.  Through participation in the Pebble Hills HS comprehensive school counseling program, our students master the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their postsecondary goals, nurture relationships and solidify their sense of self-worth while successfully navigating the many complexities of the 21st century.  We see our students as tomorrow’s leaders in careers that match their individual interests, abilities, and values and are productive contributors in a diverse global society.



    The mission of the Pebble Hills High School Counseling Department is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program to optimize students' academic and career goals in addition to supporting their personal and social needs.  This is accomplished through a partnership with stakeholders to inspire and encourage all Spartans to become successful, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse and changing world. 




    All school counselors at Pebble Hills High School believe:

      • All children are unique and should be treated with respect and dignity.
      • Every student can learn, and every student can succeed.
      • Every student should graduate from high school prepared for postsecondary opportunities.
      • Fostering a positive self-image is the collaborative effort of the school, home, and community which leads to responsible and productive citizenship.
      • The diverse needs of all students must be addressed through the school counseling program.
      • Every student should have access to a school counseling program.
      • Every student should have access to and opportunity for a high-quality education.
      • Effective school counseling is a collaborative process involving school counselors, students, families, teachers, administrators, and education stakeholders.
      • School counselors are leaders in the school, district, state and nation.
      • Comprehensive school counseling programs promote and enhance student academic, career and social/emotional outcomes.