Gifted Service Design

  • A flexible system of viable options that provide a learning continuum is developed throughout the district and reinforces the strengths, needs and interests of gifted and talented students.

    SISD practices site-based management. Site-based management allows each school to make decisions about the best way to serve their unique populations. Each school recognizes the importance of serving GT students as a group, allowing GT students to work with other students, and giving GT students the opportunity to work independently.

Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction Methods

  • Special consideration and planning are given to curriculum and instructional delivery for GT students in the Socorro Independent School District. Adjustments to the level, pace, complexity and depth of learning for GT students are planned and implemented in grades K-12. Changes to the processes in which GT children learn allow teachers to work as facilitators in the education of GT students and allow students to become active seekers of knowledge.

    Curriculum and instructional delivery methods that are differentiated include independent and/or research projects, simulation studies, learning centers both in and out of the classroom, compacted studies, and student-selected studies. Teachers employ the use of pre-testing and post-testing to determine student readiness and mastery of material in order to offer alternative choices for acceleration and enrichment.

    Critical and creative thinking strategies are practiced in classrooms via investigations, questioning strategies, and active discussions. Independent studies, research, and authentic projects and products are all part of the curricular strategies implemented in the Socorro Independent School District. The Socorro Independent School District utilizes the Texas Performance Standards Projects and/or other approved projects at all grade levels.

Additional Opportunities