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    Explore the sites and apply for as many scholarships as possible. Please inform us of any other scholarship opportunities at PHH-Counselors@sisd.net and we'll post it as soon as possible. If you have received any award letters from scholarships or Financial Aid submit them to your counselor as soon as you receive them.



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    Chameleon John $3000

    Deadline: Currently closed, but will reopen August 2020.


    Bezos Scholarship

    Deadline: Closed, Reopens October 2020.


    Hispanic Scholarship Fund

    Deadline: Closed


    Horatio Alger Scholarship Program 

    Deadline: Closed


    LULAC National Scholarship Fund

    Deadline: Closed


    Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Migrant Scholarship

    Deadline: Closed


    ASUS 2020 Scholarship (Military Dependents ONLY)

    Amount: $2,500

    Deadline: 03/15/2020


    ITE Diversity Scholars Program ITE is an international membership association of transportation professionals who work to improve mobility and safety for all transportation users and help build smart and livable communities. The purpose of this program is to increase underrepresented populations participation in the transportation profession by supporting increased diversity at the undergraduate level. This program is open to any U.S. high school student of African-American; Native American, Alaskan, and Hawaiian; or Hispanic/Latino heritage with an interest in a career in transportation and seeking to study transportation engineering, planning, or in a related-field at a school with an established ITE Student Chapter.

    Deadline: 03/15/2020


    • Financial support (a total of up to $20,000 in scholarship support: up to $4000 annually per student for up to 5 years of undergraduate enrollment)
    • ITE Student Chapter engagement
    • Mentoring
    • Internship Opportunities


    • United States high school student of African-American; Native American, Alaskan, and Hawaiian; or Hispanic/Latino heritage
    • Intended or declared major in transportation engineering, planning, or a related field
    • Full-time enrollment or intended enrollment at an accredited college or university with an ITE student chapter
    • Good academic standing
    • Additional preferences both first generation college students and Pell Grant eligible students


    The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus Healthcare Volunteers

    Amount: 1,000

    Deadline: 03/19/2020


    The FirstLight Community Foundation

    The FirstLight Community Foundation is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Scholarship Program for graduating high school seniors from the Class of 2020.  The deserving scholarship recipients will be incoming University, Community College or Trade School students for the 2020‐2021 academic year.

    Amount: $1,000

    Deadline: 03/27/2020


    • Graduate of the Class of 2020 residing in El Paso County or Doña Ana County
    • Incoming college freshman at a two or four‐year institution of higher learning, or certified trade school
    • To receive a full Scholarship, student must be enrolled full time/minimum of 12 credit hours


    STARS Scholarship Stars Scholarship Fund awards scholarships annually to academically talented and highly motivated students who intend to pursue full-time undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degrees. Stars Scholarship Fund recipients represent every level of higher education and all fields of study, as we award students of either genders, any ethnicity, religion, and background.

    Deadline: 03/31/2020


    • Be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident with a permanent resident card or passport stamped I-551
    • Be a permanent resident (5 or more consecutive years) of and have a permanent South or West Texas address in one of our 30 counties
    • Have earned/completed at least 12 undergraduate credit hours at a U.S. accredited college or university before applying for the scholarship (Dual and Advanced Placement credits accepted.)
    • Have a minimum college cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale
    • Have completed a high school diploma or its equivalent prior to the Fall of the new academic year
    • Are enrolled in a U.S. accredited 2 yr. community college (enrolled part-time or full-time) in a degree-seeking program, or a 4yr. university undergraduate program (enrolled full-time) seeking a Bachelor’s Degree, or a university graduate program (enrolled full-time) seeking a Master’s, Law or Doctorate degree


    McDonald's El Paso Scholarship In 2020, The McDonald’s El Paso Scholarships is expecting to award a total of $100,000 in scholarships to 18 El Paso students looking to attend UTEP or EPCC. If you are interested in applying go to the top of the page of the link, select the college of your choice, follow the instructions and submit your completed application.

    Amount: Up to $100,000 in scholarships.

    Deadline: 03/31/2020


    El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation

    Deadline: 03/31/2020


    • Be a High School senior graduating in 2020
    • Enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two- or four-year college or university in the Fall of 2020
    • GPA must be 3.0 or higher to qualify
    • Student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
    • Total family income must be less than $45,000


    OppU Achievers Scholarship

    Amount: $2,500

    Deadline: Winners for the OppU Achievers Scholarship are selected four times a year, with submission deadlines on September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30.


    • Be enrolled full time in high school or at least part time in college, graduate, professional, or trade school
    • Possess a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0/4.0


    The Texas Interscholastic League Foundation

    Deadline: 03/01/2020-05/08/2020


    • Must have competed at the UIL Academic, Congressional Debate, One-act Play, or Theatrical Design State meet any year of their high school career OR must have advanced to the second day of the CX Debate State Meet OR must be a state finalist in the Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition, the Latino History Essay Competition, or the UIL Young Filmmakers Festival OR must have been a member of one of the BEST or FIRST state robotic contest
    • Must plan to attend an accredited college or university in the state of Texas
    • Must plan to enroll as a full-time college student in the fall 2020 semester
    • Must have taken either the SAT or ACT
    • Must be graduating from high school during the current year


    Western Technical College

    Amount: Varies

    Deadline: 04/03/2020-04/21/2020


    MASBA Scholarship

    Deadline: 5/1/2020


    EPCC Foundation EPCC offers a variety of scholarships for new, continuing, and transfer students.

    Amount: Varies

    Deadline: 03/6/2020- 4/03/2020


    Association of Women in the Community College (AWCC)

    Deadline: 3/6/2020


    • Be an AWCC female student member. For information about joining, visit AWCC
    • Must provide progress report of classes of award semester
    • Must attend awards ceremony. Failure to attend may result in cancellation of award

    McDonald's El Paso

    Amount: $2000 for Fall 2020 & $2,000 for Spring 2021, non-renewable.

    Deadline: 3/13/2020


    • Have a Minimum 2.7 GPA on a 4.0 scale
    • Be eligible to enroll and attend EPCC full-time (12+ credit hours) during each semester
    • Have at least one parent of Hispanic heritage
    • Disclose other scholarship programs that you have applied for
    • Have/Demonstrate financial need
    • Letter of recommendation (letter should be from a teacher, employer, or volunteer coordinator)

    Barnes & Noble Scholarship

    Amount: The scholarship is for $2,000.00/year, renewable for four (4) semesters if student maintains a 3.0 Cumulative GPA and completes 24 credit hours each academic year.

    Deadline: 4/1/2020


    • 12+ credit hours
    • Must be incoming freshman student
    • Experience in student leadership and/or community service required
    • Must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or better

    EPCC Foundation General Scholarships

    Amount: Awards range from $500-$2000, non-renewable.

    Deadline: 4/1/2020


    • 3.0 or Higher GPA
    • Enrolled 6 credit hours or more

    Presidential Scholarship

    Amount: The scholarship is for $2500.00/year, renewable for four (4) semesters if student maintains a 3.00 GPA and completes 24 credit hours each academic year.

    Deadline: 4/1/2020


    • Must be incoming freshman student
    • Experience in student leadership and/or community service required
    • Must have a high school GPA of 90 or above
    • 12+ credit hours

    Texas Women in Public Finance: 2020 Scholarship Opportunities for Student

    Deadline: 4/3/2020


    • A woman pursuing an undergraduate degree in the upcoming school year
    • Texas Resident High School Senior for the current academic school year
    • Attending a Texas Institution of higher education in the fall of this year
    • Minimum GPA 3.0 on a 4.0 scale


    The El Paso Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America Future Military Leader Annual Scholarship

    Award: $500

    Deadline: 04/03/2020


    • be endorsed by the Senior Instructor
    • be a graduating senior of any LET level serving in a leadership or battalion staff position
    • have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • be committed to serving in the nation’s armed forces as evidenced by at least one of the following:
        • be accepted at EPCC or UTEP for the upcoming fall semester or, if the recipient is attending AIT current status as a member of the National Guard or participant in a delayed entry program
        • having applied for a Senior ROTC scholarship (to include the Minuteman Scholarship)
        • being a current recruit for any branch of the armed forces
        • being committed to enrolling in the UTEP senior ROTC and being recommended a member of the cadre (recruiting officer or A/PMS)
    • pursuant to meeting an early entry reserve or national guard commitment, the upcoming spring semester
    • be an active, good citizen (demonstrated by involvement in cadet activities, community service and extra-curricular activities)


    Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, Inc

    Amount: Twenty-two scholarships for the Fall 2020 semester will be available to eligible students in the Co-op’s 2020 scholarship competition. Two scholarships of $1,500 will be awarded in each of the RGEC’s director districts.

    Deadline: 04/10/2020


    • Need to be classified as a “Senior” (12th grade), whose parents legal guardians are current members* of Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, in good standing. (*Get their electric power from RGEC.)
    • Eligible students must be candidates for May/June 2020 graduation, who are currently enrolled in an accredited public, private, or home high school program


    Sergeant Velton Locklear, III Memorial Scholarship

    Award: $1,000

    Deadline: 04/17/2020


    El Paso Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, IN

    Amount: $1,000-$2,000

    Deadline: 04/30/2020



    Named in honor of R. A. “Buster” Bynum, retired Director of the Virginia Department of Education’s pupil transportation office and former SESPTC treasurer, this one-time $2,500 education scholarship is made available to one deserving public school student in each of the fourteen-member southeastern states.

    Amount: $2,500

    Deadline: 05/01/2020 – Applications are due to the local school system transportation office in your county.


    • The parent/guardian listed on application had a Gross Taxable Family Income equal to or less than $80,000 for each of the “Past Three Tax Years.” (For the purpose of this scholarship award, the “Past Three Tax Years” is defined as the 2017, 2018 and 2019 tax years.)
    • The parent/guardian listed on application has been an active employee in public school transportation during the “Past Three Years.” This includes school bus drivers, aides, monitors, mechanics, parts clerks, foremen, managers, trainers, supervisors, directors, and inspectors that work in public education. (For the purpose of this scholarship award, the “Past Three Years” work history requirement is defined as the period since January 1, 2017.)
    • The student applicant has at least a 3.0 (B) scholastic average, will graduate from a public high school, and will attend a post-secondary educational institution starting in 2020.
    • The scholarship cannot be awarded to any student who has a family member serving on the selection committee.


    Elora Brotherton Education & Community Foundation Scholarship Application Packet

    Amount: Two $1,000 scholarships and four $250.00 books and supplies scholarships

    Deadline: 05/4/2020


    • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or better
    • Two letters of recommendation: one letter must be from the student’s high school counselor
    • One official transcript, which includes the grades from the Fall Semester of 2019
    • A current photograph (preferable color photo showing, full frontal view of face).
    • A one-page typed biographical essay (include school, community, volunteer activities, and employment, if applicable).
    • A completed scholarship form



    Deadline: 04/01/2020-12/31/2020



    COVID 19 Essay

    Amount: $1500

    Deadline: 5/22/2020



    Military One Source (Military Dependents Only)














    Texas Educational Opportunity Grant

    Burger King McLamore Foundation


    Target Scholarships

    TEACH Grant




    Student Scholarship Search

    Elks National Foundation





    Coca-Cola Scholarship

    Pepsi Scholarships

    Wal-Mart Foundation (associates and dependents)

    UTEP Building Scholars

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    SISD Foundation Scholarship

    Scholarships for DACA-Mented

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