• MECHS Class & Student Council Officer Elections

    Please choose your Class Ballot to vote for your Class Officers and Student Council Officers. You may only vote using your class ballot. Voting is open from 9:00 am-4:00 pm mst, on Friday April 9, 2021.

    Class of 2024 Ballot

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    Class of 2021 Ballot (Student Council only)

    Student Voting will take place here on this page, Friday April 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. mst. Mr. Dungan and administration will confirm Student Voting Results and combine with Faculty Panel results to designate winner. Student votes represent 75% of the total and Faculty Panel votes represent 25% of the total.

    Class Officers & Student Council Officers for the 2021-2022 School Year will be announced Monday, April 12 during MECHS News. 

    MECHS Election Policies 2021

    Applications Closed

    General Class Officer Job Descriptions and Responsibilities:


    • communicates and works closely with class advisors
    • communicates with Student Activities Director regarding class events
    • publishes class meeting agendas and facilitates all class meetings
    • provides leadership and direction to other class officers, including delegating specific tasks, establishing clear deadlines, and monitoring progress
    • oversees any committees that are formed to assist with an event or project
    • participates in class planning and activities

    Vice President (Two positions available for Student Council only)

    • attends all class meetings
    • takes leadership roles on committees
    • communicates and works closely with the class president and class advisors
    • helps the class officers with all class events

    Secretary (Two positions available for Student Council only)

    • takes minutes at all class meetings
    • provides minutes (w/ date, all in attendance, ideas covered) for all class officers and class advisors
    • write thank you letters to those who have helped the class (parents, teachers, etc.)
    • publicize class events and meetings (posters, announcements, press releases, etc.)
    • updates and maintains all binders and folders related to specific class events, jobs (i.e. concessions), and meetings to be passed on to next year’s officers


    • read through treasurer information packet to better understand the book keeping expectations
    • create and type a class budget with class advisors at the beginning of the school year
    • acts as a money manager, keeping a record log of all income and expenditures throughout the year
    • give budget reports to other class officers and class advisors at all officer meetings
    • makes deposits to class fund
    • updates class receipt book
    • photocopy all receipts of expenditures (and file for future reference as needed)
    • brainstorms and oversees all fundraisers including completing the Fundraiser Form at least one month before the fundraiser
    • coordinates and keeps track of sales/orders of class spirit wear


    • document all class activities with photos and video
    • compile a end-of-year slideshow/video
    • coordinate class events and get-togethers
    • coordinate social media strategy

    Parliamentarian (Student Council only)

    All class officers should…

    • display a high degree of leadership and moral character at all times
    • hold class officer meetings with advisors at least twice per month
    • openly communicate with their advisors about ideas, proposals, events, meetings, etc.
    • participate regularly in class-scheduled events, meetings, etc. held during the year, some of which will be held after school hours (afternoon and evening times as determined by the four officers and class advisors; this will vary year to year based on activities in which the class participates)
    • collaborate with other class officers and student council officers each year to help bridge the communication among the classes