• MECHS Class & Student Council Officer Elections

    Officer Elections Timeline

    Applications Open- Friday, May 5th, 2023

    Mandatory Candidate Meeting- Monday, May 8th, 2023 @4:05pm in Mr. Dungan's Portable (P5&6)

    Applications & Required Materials Due- Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 by 4:00pm

    Expense Report Due- Monday May 15th, 2023 by 4:00pm

    Campaign Window (Once approved by Dungan. Must follow all campaign guidelines.)- May 15th-May 18th

    Candidate Interviews-

    • Monday, May 15th 4:05pm-5:00pm: Class of 2024 candidates for Class Office and Student Council Office
    • Tuesday, May 16th 4:05pm-5:00pm: Class of 2025 candidates for Class Office and Student Council Office
    • Wednesday, May 17th 4:05pm-5:00pm: Class of 2026 candidates for Class Office and Student Council Office  

    Election Day- Friday, May 19th, 2023 (during lunch in the cafeteria)

    Note: Officer candidates run as an "officer" not a specific position, should they be elected, they will be appointed to specific position.

    MECHS Election Policies 2023-2024

    Officer Candidate Application

    MECHS Officer Campaign Expense Report

    General Class Officer Job Descriptions and Responsibilities:


    • communicates and works closely with class advisors
    • communicates with Student Activities Director regarding class events
    • publishes class meeting agendas and facilitates all class meetings
    • provides leadership and direction to other class officers, including delegating specific tasks, establishing clear deadlines, and monitoring progress
    • oversees any committees that are formed to assist with an event or project
    • participates in class planning and activities

    Vice President (Up to two positions available for Student Council only)

    • attends all class meetings
    • takes leadership roles on committees
    • communicates and works closely with the class president and class advisors
    • helps the class officers with all class events

    Secretary (Up to two positions available for Student Council only)

    • takes minutes at all class meetings
    • provides minutes (w/ date, all in attendance, ideas covered) for all class officers and class advisors
    • write thank you letters to those who have helped the class (parents, teachers, etc.)
    • publicize class events and meetings (posters, announcements, press releases, etc.)
    • updates and maintains all binders and folders related to specific class events, jobs (i.e. concessions), and meetings to be passed on to next year’s officers


    • read through treasurer information packet to better understand the book keeping expectations
    • create and type a class budget with class advisors at the beginning of the school year
    • acts as a money manager, keeping a record log of all income and expenditures throughout the year
    • give budget reports to other class officers and class advisors at all officer meetings
    • makes deposits to class fund
    • updates class receipt book
    • photocopy all receipts of expenditures (and file for future reference as needed)
    • brainstorms and oversees all fundraisers including completing the Fundraiser Form at least one month before the fundraiser
    • coordinates and keeps track of sales/orders of class spirit wear


    • document all class activities with photos and video
    • compile a end-of-year slideshow/video
    • coordinate class events and get-togethers
    • coordinate social media strategy

    Parliamentarian (Student Council only)

    All class officers should…

    • display a high degree of leadership and moral character at all times
    • hold class officer meetings with advisors at least twice per month
    • openly communicate with their advisors about ideas, proposals, events, meetings, etc.
    • participate regularly in class-scheduled events, meetings, etc. held during the year, some of which will be held after school hours (afternoon and evening times as determined by the four officers and class advisors; this will vary year to year based on activities in which the class participates)
    • collaborate with other class officers and student council officers each year to help bridge the communication among the classes