• Testing:Remote TSI assessment now available!Visit the Testing Center Virtual Office atwww.epcc.edu/Services/TestingServicesthen click on the Get Connected button to visit with a Testing Services representative Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.to 5:30 p.m.EPCC has special College Readiness Standards for Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 if remote testing is not an option for your students. These standards can be found at: https://www.epcc.edu/Services/TestingServices/college-readiness-standards

    Applying to EPCC

    How Will I be Advised?

    For questions to EPCC advisors, email counseling@epcc.edu. Counselors will schedule a time with students. Students will be able to communicate through a video or audio conference.

    Dual Credit students needing advising can visit: https://www.epcc.edu/Academics/DualCredit or link directly to a dual credit counselor for a live session at: http://go.epcc.edu/DualCreditLiveTesting

    How can I turn in waivers/meningitis or any residency information to admissions?

    Students can email admissions@epcc.edu for meningitis waivers or questions.

    The Admissions Office will also be able to let students know how they can communicate with them through video or audio conference.

    Student Financial Aid

    Students can email financialaidoffice@epcc.edu for questions regarding financial aid.

    The Financial Aid Office will also be able to let students know how they can communicate with them through video or audio conference.

    EPCC students may also apply for funding through the CARES Act. Visit go.epcc.edu/cares for more information.

    Career Services Information

    You are able to contact them through phone number 915-831-2636 and remotely on the Career Services Blackboard Virtual Office.

    Visit https://www.epcc.edu/Services/careerservices for more information.

    New student Orientation

    All new students applying for EPCC must attend a New Student Orientation (NSO) session. To schedule a NSO session, call 915-831-248 or through NSO's Blackboard Virtual Office.

    Visit https://www.epcc.edu/Admissions/Orientation for more information.

    Resources for Online Classes

    Remote Tool Kit: https://www.epcc.edu/Services/ITServiceCatalog/remote-toolkit

    Help and tutorials for using Blackboard: instructions and help.


    RESOURCES FOR TAKING ONLINE CLASSESRemote Tool Kithttps://www.epcc.edu/Services/ITServiceCatalog/remote-toolkitHelp and tutorials for using Blackboardhttps://www.epcc.edu/Media/Lists/News/Attachments/187/Instructional%20Continuity%20Blackboard%20Guide%20for%20Students.pdf