The mission of Communities in Schools of El Paso, Inc. is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. 


    • CIS of El Paso is aware of the importance that society and community play in a student’s academic success, therefore the primary goals of CIS are to help students in at-risk situations stay in school and improve in academics, attendance and/or behavior.  The focus for CIS students are: Improve academic achievement, improve attendance, decrease disruptive behavior, promotion to next grade level, high school graduation, no contact with the Juvenile Justice System, encourage higher education and career preparation, and increase awareness through enrichment activities.


    • CIS of El Paso believes that keeping young people in school is not just the job of the teachers or school, it is a community responsibility.  It is the responsibility of the schools, parents, employers and community groups to help young people prepare for life.  CIS of El Paso provides services year round and connects schools with resources that students need to stay in school and successfully learn. The degreed CIS coordinators assigned to each campus coordinate services designed to assist not only individual students but the entire school population.  CIS coordinators receive preparation through Project Operations, Program Shadowing and Sharing, and staff development throughout the school year.


    For further information, please contact Mrs. Torres and Ms. Segura the CIS coordinators.

    • Work number: (915) 937-9435 (Mrs. Torres)     and/or      (915) 937-9689 (Ms. Segura)
    • Main office:     (915) 937-9400
    • Fax number:   (915) 937-9498
    • Email: eva.torres@sisd.net  and/or  angela.segura@cis.net
    • CIS of El Paso Website