Registration Procedures and Requirements

    • PCS Checklist Admissions

      • Birth Certificate (Certified Copy) Name as it appears on birth certificate shall be used unless legal document is provided that states otherwise. Reminder: Parent must provide a photo ID (name must match birth certificate) at time of student registration.
      • A copy of the child’s record from the last school attended
      • Immunization Record
        According to the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (2-11) Subject to the exceptions in Section 38.001(c), a student is required to be fully immunized against disease as required by the Texas Board of Health (Section 38.001(a), Texas Education Code). However, a student may be provisionally admitted if the student has begun the required immunizations and continues to receive the necessary immunizations are rapidly as medically feasible (Section 38.001(e), Texas Education Code). A homeless student may be admitted for 30 days pending initiation of vaccinations or receipt of vaccination documentation (25 T.A.C. §97.66(b)). A student who is a military dependent or any student transferring from another Texas school district may be enrolled for 30 days pending transfer of immunization records (25 T.A.C. §97.69). Except as provided by Section 38.001(c) or rule of the Health and Human Services Commissioner, a student who is not fully immunized and has not begun the required immunizations may not attend school. For further information regarding immunization requirements, immunization exemptions, and immunization documentation, please contact the Department of State Health Services.
        Gas, Water, or Electric Bill (No telephone bill or earnest money loan contracts). There is no exception or time given for proof of residence. A person must provide proof that they are residents of the district prior to the completion of any registration documents.
        • Alternative Proof of Residency Form
          If a Notarized Proof of Residence letter is required, a student shall not be accepted until the form is in hand (to be used when a family is residing in another family’s home or on rental property). Reminder: A recent utility bill with the name and address of the owner or resident of the property must be included.
        • GPAC Grandparent Afterschool Care Form
          May be used for non-resident students who will be under the grandparent’s care five (5) days a week for at least four (4) hours a day.
          *Proof of Residence is required for both parent(s) and grandparent(s)
          **Parents who reside outside SISD WILL NOT be required to pay tuition. An Out of District Transfer Application must be submitted together with the Grandparents(s) After School Care form.
        • General Afterschool Care Provider FormMay be used fro non-resident students who will be under general aftershool care due to a full-time work schedule of two working parents, or whose sole parent works (single parent home).
      • Legal Guardianship or Power of Attorney - The absence of a parent, guardian, or other person with legal control of a child under a court order is not grounds for refusing admission to which a child is entitled under §25.001. Acceptable Forms of Documentation are:
        • Legal Guardianship: A Legal Guardianship is a court document signed by a judge issued by a US Court from within the United States. Guardianship may be used when a child is living apart from the parent(s).
        • Power of Attorney: A Power of Attorney is a notarized document that will be accepted for a child who is living apart from the parent(s). May be used for students under age 18 NOT living with parents. Form valid until school notified of change of status.
      • Social Security Number (optional); if a SSN is not available, a TEA# will be assigned.

      NOTE: Students shall not be denied enrollment or be removed solely because they fail to provide documents 1 and 2. Students will not be allowed to enroll or will be removed if they fail to comply with items 3 through 5 or falsification of records.

      Military Students

      Accept closing contract for:

      • Military families coming from overseas
      • Closing documents at the end of the month

      Homeless Students

      Question: Can a school require proof of residency (rent receipt, lease agreements, utility receipts, and property tax receipts. etc.) that prevents or delays the enrollment of children or youth experiencing homelessness?

      No. Section 722(g)(3)(C)(i) of McKinney-Vento states that a child or youth experiencing homelessness must be enrolled immediately, “even if the child or youth is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment, such as previous academic records, medical records, proof of residency or other documentation.” Additionally, Section 721(1) of McKinney-Vento requires that children in homeless situations be provided equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided other children and youth. School districts cannot prevent the enrollment of children and youth without homes through residency requirements. If the child is homeless, inability to provide documentation of permanent residence should not prevent or delay the child’s enrollment.


      For more information about registration please contact the Registrar Mrs. Hernandez.

      Office: (915) 937-9415

      School: (915) 937-9400

      Fax:     (915) 937-9491



Last Modified on June 20, 2020