• Positive Change Socorro Grant Program


    Provide support to military students' social and emotional needs by providing a Military Liaison, SPARC training and the Student Ambassadors program.

    Enhance and expand instructional support to help students meet the requirements of a rigorous curriculum using innovative models of instruction including blending learning, flipped classrooms, Response to Intervention, digital devices, and educational software that specifically address the Texas Education Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

    Goals for Project PCS

    1. Increase the academic achievement of military dependent middle school students in math.
    2. Increase the level of social and emotional supports for middle and high school military dependent students to foster a positive school climate for military dependent students.

    Participating Campuses:

    • El Dorado High School
    • Pebble Hills High School
    • Spec. Rafael Hernando III Middle School
    • SSG. Manuel R. Puentes Middle School
    • Sun Ridge Middle School

    Contact information:

    For more information regarding Project PCS you may contact the Project Coordinator, Neal Sanders.
    Phone Number: (915) 937- 9444

    Contact Neal Sanders