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    Socorro ISD Council of PTAs

    The SISD Council PTA is a group of Local PTAs within a stipulated boundary organized under the authority of Texas PTA.

    Council PTA Purpose

    Acting as a primary channel of communication within the PTA association, a Council PTA provides information, inspiration, support, guidance and instruction to its member PTAs. It serves to strengthen Local PTAs, develop leadership potential, promote PTA membership, and advance Texas PTA’s goals, programs and initiatives.

    Council PTAs:

    1. Build strong relationships with PTA leaders and members, ISD representatives and community leaders.
    2. Organize new Local PTAs.
    3. Promote, encourage and recognize PTA membership growth.
    4. Provide leadership training and develop future PTA leaders.
    5. Assist Local PTA leaders with procedures.
    6. Role model effective organizational procedures and practices for Local PTA leaders.
    7. Give Local PTA leaders opportunities to discuss best practices and challenges.
    8. Promote Texas and National PTA programs and initiatives.
    9. Interpret and put into action the basic purposes and policies of Texas PTA and National PTA.
    10. Build Local PTA and public support for Texas and National PTA legislative action.
    11. Focus the attention of Local PTAs and the public on youth-related concerns and issues.
    12. Spearhead community projects encouraging collaboration and coordination of efforts in improving the education and welfare of all children and youth.

    Council PTAs shall not:

    1. Legislate for the Local PTAs, including setting rules for Local PTAs and taking action involving member PTAs without their consent.
    2. Duplicate the work of Local PTAs, nor compete with them.
    3. Pay dues to the Texas or National PTAs.
    4. Compel Local PTAs to enter into Council PTA projects.
    5. Assess Local PTAs for funds without their consent.
    6. Change Council PTA dues or amend. Council PTA bylaws without affirmative vote of delegates.
    7. Join other groups, but may cooperate with their efforts.

    Types of Council PTAs

    Following are the four types of Council PTAs chartered by the Texas PTA:

    1. Independent School District Council PTA—Local PTAs within the geographical boundaries of a given school district. ISD Council PTAs may have PTAs that are not associated with the ISD as long as the PTAs are within the geographical boundaries of the ISD.
    2. City Council PTA—Local PTAs within the geographical boundaries of a city, town or village.
    3. Community Council PTA—Local PTAs (in an area designated by the state president) that for convenience of administration, similarity of interest or ease of transportation may need a Council PTA other than ISD, city or county boundaries. A Community Council PTA may even be composed of Local PTAs from two or more bordering school districts, cities or counties.
    4. County Council PTA—Local PTAs within a given county that are not served by an existing ISD, city or community Council PTA.

    Private, charter and community PTAs may be included in a council with membership approval.