• DNA 1:1 Laptop Initiative

    Americas HS is currently in its 5th year of the DNA 1:1 initiative. Here are some frequently asked questions:


    Q: Who receives a laptop?
    A: Students in grades 9-12 receive a laptop.

    Q: How much do the parents have to pay for the laptop?
    A: There will be an annual $25 non-refundable maintenance and usage fee.

    Q: Is getting the laptop mandatory?
    A: The laptop is as essential as a textbook and is regarded in the same context. The laptop is being provided to all students in our efforts to create a digital learning environment and teachers will be expecting students to use their laptops for assignments, research, and other learning activities. Students may decline a laptop if they bring their own device.

    Q: Who provides technology support to students on campus?
    A: The librarians are provided with basic troubleshooting steps to guide students. Each high school has a computer maintenance teacher and designated students to serve as the first level of technical support for student laptops. If they are unable to resolve problems with the laptop, they will then refer the issue to district-level technicians.

    Q: Can my child keep the laptop when they graduate?
    A: Yes, if the student has paid all four years of $25.00 laptop usage fees (equally $100) along with the Transfer Fee and required paperwork, then the student may keep the laptop after graduation.

    For answers to more questions go to the DNA District Webpage