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    Community Resources

    SISD counselors do not promote or endorse any of the agencies listed above


    Counseling & Therapy/Consejería y Terapia


    Eastside Counseling                                                             Esther Monty                                                

    Therapeutic Services                                                           1600 N. Lee Trevino Dr. Ste C4                                                      

    1855 Trawood                                                                     915.542.0300                                                                      

    915.593.2000 & 915.593.2004                                                                        


    Dr. Magda Jimenez Shaw                                                                                                  

    606 Delhi Dr.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Socorro, Texas 79927                                                                                                                                                                       



    Children’s Grief Center                                                       Child Guidance Center                             

    11625 Pellicano                                                                2701 East Yandell                                                                             

    915.532.6004                                                                  915.562.1999


    El Paso Center Against Family Violence                    

    El Paso Child Crisis Center

    24-Hour Crisis Hopeline                                                2100 N. Stevens

    915.593.7300                                                              915.5627955


    El Paso Behavioral Health System                            

    Family Services of El Paso

    1900 Denver                                                                6040 Surety Dr.

    915.544.4000                                                               915.781.9900


    PEAK Behavioral Heatlth System                                      

    Project Vida

    5045 McNutt Rd, Santa Teresa                                                                      915.850.4741

    575.589.3000 OR 575.589.3000                                                                      915.562.7955


    S.T.A.R.S.: Sexual Trauma Assault Recovery Service

    2108 N. Stevens




    Emergence Health Network

    1600 Montana Street                                             East Valley Outpatient Clinic                        Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

    915.887.3410                                                       2400 Trawood Dr                                        1601 E. Yandell

    Crisis Line 915.779.1800                                        915.599.6735                                            915.747.3510



    Military & Family Life Consultant Program



    Paso Del Norte Civil Rights Project                                   

    Programa de VAWA                                                                                       

    Acta de Violencia Contra las Mujeres                                                       





    Rescue Mission                                                                     La Posada Home

    1949 W. Paisano                                                                   1020 N. Campbell

    915.532.2575                                                                       915.544.4595



    Utilities Assistance/Asistencia con facturas                    

    Health and Human Services 2-1-1                                                                                                                              

    Project Bravo 915.629.7664                                                                           



    Food Bank/Banco de alimentos

    AYUDA (Monthly and emergencies)


    1325 Beverly Ann Drive

    San Elizario, Texas 79849


    Law Enforcement Assistance/Asistencia de policía

    In case of any emergency, dial 911

    Horizon City Police Department 915.852.1047

    Socorro Independent School District Police Services 915.937.4357

    El Paso County Sheriff 915.543.2280

    El Paso Police Department 9415.832.4400

    C.P. S. - Child Protective Services 1.800.252.5400



    Immigration Legal Service Providers/ Proveedores de servicios legales de inmigracion

    Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services

    2400 East Yandell



    FAX 915.532.4071


    Las Americas Refugee Asylum Project

    106 E. Yandell


    FAX 915.544.4041


    United Neighborhood Organization (U.N.O.)

    Will NOT represent immigrants in asylum or refuge cases/NO representara emigrantes en casos de asilo o refugió

    8700 Boeing



    SISD counselors do not promote or endorse any of the agencies listed above